The Founders

We have been close friends since as long as we can remember. Our love for design and high-end pieces has been an important part of what we both love. While growing up our mothers used to buy handmade Spanish baby clothing for us to wear and to this day we still have those pieces. As our mother's did, when Isabel came to motherhood, we went to buy these special pieces and realized that in today's market this was a product, in quality and design nowhere else to be found. We also got to meet the women that hand craft these pieces and felt in love with their stories, work and passion. Their traditions, attention to detail, knowledge in craftsmanship and care for quality gave a whole new meaning to the pieces. We connected with them and their work and wanted to share their value with the world. After many months of working closely with them, Tot A Porter came to life. A finely handcrafted baby clothing line, made by female artisans living in Spain with years of experience using traditional techniques of sewing, knitting and embroidery. It is rooted in social values and we use uniquely sourced quality materials and traditional European designs along with the most suitable materials for newborns and babies. By creating Tot a Porter, we hope to communicate genuine passion for detail and elegance. There is value to what your baby wears. Value to enliven true craftsmanship in the handmade baby clothing category and keeping these women's metier and stories alive!


Our Mission

Tot A Porter is bringing back the beauty of locally sourced items through collections of finely handcrafted baby clothing made in Spain. We offer limited-quantity designs for newborns and toddlers with a strong mission of enhancing the livelihood of the women that craft them.